Building Your Second SINDA Model

The Systems Improved Numerical Differencing Analyzer, or SINDA, computer program in one form or another has been a mainstay of thermal analysis for more than 50 years. SINDA is offered by a number of different vendors. While syntax and features may vary from product to product, many of the concepts discussed in this lesson are applicable across numerous versions of SINDA. For this lesson, SINDA/FLUINT by Cullimore and Ring Technologies (C&R Technologies®), Inc. is used. The use of this product in this lesson should not be construed as an endorsement. Finally, data used in this lesson are for demonstration purposes and should not be used for design purposes or to replace use of any project-directed data.

It is assumed that you, either, have some familiarity with thermal network modeling and the SINDA input format, or you have already viewed the NESC Academy lesson entitled “Building Your First SINDA Model.” Concepts and syntax discussed in the aforementioned lesson will not be discussed and viewers are assumed to be familiar with this material.

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