Day 1.4 International, Inter-Agency, & Academic Mission Participation

Unique Science from the Moon in the Artemis Era Workshop (June 7-9, 2022) at Kennedy Space Center

Day 1. Part 4 Agenda:
Round table discussion - Moderated by Jack Burns (Webex moderator: Mark Matsumura)
o International participation – Marc Klein-Wolt (Radboud University, Netherlands)
o Inter-Agency activities with DoE – Anže Slosar (Brookhaven National Lab)
o Spectrum Environment and Management for Radio Observations – Cathy Sham (NASA
Lunar Spectrum Manager)
o Site Selection for Radio Telescopes – Jack Burns (U. of Colorado)
o Discussion


NESC Academy , Cathy Sham , Jack O. Burns , Mark Klein Wolt , Anze Slosar

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