JWST OTIS Cryogenic Vacuum Test, Part 3: Preparation for Off-Nominal Events

Welcome to the third lecture of the James Webb Space Telescope Optical Telescope Element and Integrated Science Instrument Model Cryogenic Vacuum Test lecture series. In this lecture, we will talk about preparation for off-nominal events. Before we begin, I’d like to acknowledge three co-contributors that were instrumental in the development of the content for this section: Stuart Glazer, who was the thermal lead for the OTIS CV test; Lee Feinberg, who is the Optical Telescope Element manager for the James Webb Space Telescope and played an integral role in the overall success of the OTIS test campaign; and Brian Comber, who was the lead thermal analyst for the ISIM CV tests, as well as the sole developer of the Fusion test monitoring software and the uncontrolled helium shroud warmup analysis methodology that will be discussed in this section

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