Intra-Extra Vehicular Activity (IEVA) Apollo Spacesuits

Discipline: Environmental Control/Life Support
Webcast Air Date: 08/31/2016

Kenneth Thomas, the author of the book U.S. Spacesuits, will discuss the Intra-Extra Vehicular Activity (IEVA) Apollo spacesuits, which supported launch, reentry, and EVA. This program was NASA’s first attempt to develop a new suit design from requirements and concepts. Mr. Thomas will chronical the challenges, developments, struggles, and solutions that culminated in the system that allowed the first human exploration of the Moon and deep space (outside low-Earth orbit). Apollo pressure suit designs allowed the heroic repair of Skylab and supported the first U.S. and Russian spacecraft docking during the Apollo Soyuz Test Project. Mr. Thomas will also discuss the IEVA suits’ successes and challenges associated with the developments of the 1960s.

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