An Overview of Fastener Requirements in the new NASA-STD-5020

Discipline: Mechanical Systems

NASA-STD-5020 “Requirements for Threaded Fastening Systems in Spaceflight Hardware” was created to provide an Agency-wide consensus standard to provide uniform requirements for design and analysis of threaded fastening systems in spaceflight hardware across all NASA programs and projects. The development of the standard resulted from a NESC assessment initiated in 2006 following several costly fastener issues on NASA projects and many recent debates over fastener design and analysis criteria. The new standard was also intended replace and improve upon NSTS 08307 “Criteria for Preloaded Joints,” which had become the de facto NASA standard for fastener analysis across multiple programs and projects even though it was a Space Shuttle Program standard and would be withdrawn at the conclusion of the program. This webcast will provide an overview of the contents of the new standard, including rationale for differences from NSTS 08307, and case studies to illustrate application of some of the concepts.

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