Fundamentals of Aircraft Flight Control

Discipline: Guidance, Navigation, and Control
Webcast Air Date: 10/17/2012

Understands Elementary Laplace Transforms (solutions to differential equations)
Understands the root locus classical method. (the starting point of this class)
This is a linear methods design class

This 50 minute "short course" will hit the major control design issues and what to beware of in the "design process". In a linear design world the actuator rates and limits are ignored, along with time delays, and this can bring down an otherwise "good design method". This class will hopefully show you ways to design a robust control design method with some of the "real world" issues involved. The control method will be the Linear Quadratic Tracker design technique, applied to the X-38 vehicle with matlab scripts included. The scripts will be provided for self-study purposes in the appendix.

Not covered:

Software and hardware System redundancy
Verification and validation testing
Digital control design

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