Fundamentals of Linear Stability

Webcast Live: 9/17/2014 2:00 PM EDT

Typically the stability requirements for a control system are given in terms of gain margin and phase margin. These stability margins represent the tolerance of the control loop to perturbations in loop gain and phase delay. This webcast will review the stability analyses of linear continuous time invariant dynamical systems as commonly presented in a first-year college course covering Single Input Single Output (SISO) control systems. A more compact single stability margin will be introduced in this webcast that specifies the stability at all frequencies and in particular in the region between the gain and phase cross-over frequencies. The equivalence between this single stability margin metric and the more commonly used gain and phase margins will be established. The inverse relationship between this single stability margin and the Sensitivity Transfer Function for low frequency disturbance rejection is also highlighted in this webcast.

Discipline: Guidance Navigation & Control

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