How to Get Started Using MBSE on a Project: The Basics of What, How and Who

Model-based Systems Engineering is seeing a lot of attention lately. Many projects at NASA have started using MBSE on some portion of their SE work. The long list of proposed benefits for MBSE is impressive, but can MBSE be used throughout a project life-cycle? Should MBSE be an "all-or-nothing" decision when doing project planning? Answering these questions can be intimidating for individuals who are new to MBSE, or those that have only seen successes in small areas of the SE function, but are not able to visualize how to use MBSE across a whole project.

This talk helps to define the process of starting Systems Engineering on any project, and how MBSE ties in to it. Through the lens of "modeling with a purpose", Trevor Grondin walks through how to examine the Systems Engineering role for a given project, and how to assess using MBSE to add value to the work being done. From sizing the scope of the work, assessing uses of MBSE, and identifying project constraints, to developing a modeling plan that support the Systems Engineering approach, this talk will help arm modelers and LSEs alike with the framework they need to start using MBSE on a project.

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