Earth-Based Analogs & Modeling for Exercise Biomechanics in Space

Recorded December 12, 2018

The biomechanics of exercise in space is difficult to study and there are unknowns surrounding exercise performance on future space exploration countermeasures systems. These issues are beginning to be addressed through enhanced modeling techniques fueled initially by human-in-the-loop data collections in ground-based environments. The presentation will focus on an effort completed at the University of South Florida to apply the Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN) system to address a human spaceflight need. The research explored the interaction between a human and a moving platform while exercise was completed. This enabled study of the effects a vibration isolation system may have on exercise form and loading in these future exploration exercise suites. The combination of motion and force data collected in various environments, paired with computational models, allows our understanding of the system to grow. These methods provide design requirements and allow device designs to be supported by analysis.

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