Day 3.2 Capabilities & Infrastructure and Drivers for Artemis Systems Requirements

Unique Science from the Moon in the Artemis Era Workshop (June 7-9, 2022) at Kennedy Space Center

Day 3. Part 2 Agenda:
Engineering Challenges and Discussion – Led by Jon Haas (Webex moderators: Tim Brady
and John Hanson)
Engineering challenges summary and risk mitigation approaches
Capabilities and Infrastructure Summary and Discussion – Led by John Grunsfeld & Mike
Hess (Webex moderators: Mark Terrone and Chris Broadaway)

Robotics delivery (CLPS), what could CLPS 2.0 look like in 2030+? (assembly and servicing of
experiments using a combination of robotics and human intervention)
o Astronaut assembly and servicing (Artemis)
o Sustained presence capabilities (Artemis Base Camp)
o In Situ Utilization applied to science
o Maintaining radio quiet environment
o Robotic vs human development of science facilities (trades and benefits)
- What is the role of humans in the process?
- How much value do humans add in the process? Risk and cost
o Sensors and instrumentation - Buildup & Planning, Operations, Clean-up Drivers for Artemis Systems Requirement and Discussion – Led by Renee Weber &
Nick White (Webex moderator: Mark Matsumura)
o Leveraging the Artemis infrastructure
o Spectrum of robotic vs human assembly and servicing
o Engineering Challenges: Knowledge gaps
o Required investments


Nick White , John Grunsfeld , Renee Weber , Mike Hess

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