Topology Optimization for Thermo-Mechanical Structures

Topology optimization is able to provide unintuitive and innovative design solutions and a performance improvement (e.g. weight savings): In excess of 50% is not uncommonly demonstrated in a range of engineering problems. With the advances in materials and additive manufacturing, topology optimization is attracting much attention in the recent years. This presentation will introduce some of the latest developments in topology optimization in the context of design problems that experience a wide temperature range during its operation. In addition to the conflicting nature of thermal and mechanical effects on a structure, the heat transfer characteristics themselves are a function of the design.

They present a unique set of challenges to the optimization algorithm and the topology optimization formulation can have a critical impact on the final design and the achievable performance. The seminar will review the latest developments in studying the optimal thermomechanical structures by multi-scale and large-scale topology optimization where novel and unintuitive designs are obtained from the largest design space.

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