Human Centered Design Impact on Habitability and Mission Success

Architecture and the built environment have the power to influence and shape the way humans think, feel and ultimately perform. Those creating these environments have the power to ensure that the human impact is not only positive, but also one that contributes to habitability and mission success. Despite living in a fast-changing world - whether it be technology, social structures, climate, or human-centric factors - our built environment changes very slowly. This statement is valid on earth, and holds further significance in space. An interdisciplinary human centered design approach, offered by a diverse team of experts, could potentially aid in creating environments that meet the different goals, risks, challenges and astronaut personas for a specific mission. This talk will explore the potential influence of human centered design solutions on habitability and mission success from the perspective of both earth and space. From the efficiency of a standardized common solution to a tailored approach, the talk explores how human factors are incorporated into each

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