Using MBSE on a Working Project

Our future missions are changing the way in which we will practice medicine. To ensure these challenges are addressed the Human Research Program (HRP) is dedicated to discovering the best methods and technologies to support safe, productive human space travel. Exploration Medical Capability (ExMC) element, one of the five HRP elements, focuses on advancing medical system design and risk-informed decision making for exploration beyond low Earth orbit, to promote human health and performance in space. They are conducting research on how to best design and build a medical system, a sub-system to the Crew Health and Performance (CHP) system, for exploration missions.

Their research involves the practical application of System Engineering (SE) best practices to generate products typically associated with Phase A activities as defined in NPR 7123.1B, NASA Systems Engineering Processes and Requirements. Historically, CHP systems tend to be designed and integrated into an already designed vehicle, which severely constrains the functionality of CHP system. ExMC seeks to better integrate the medical system within the CHP system into overall mission and vehicle design.

This talk will discuss the what, why and how the ExMC SE team is creating a foundation for a Level of Care IV and V medical systems using a systems engineering approach with Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) tools.

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