AePW-3 Overview


The aeroelastic prediction workshop series is intended to provide an open forum, to encourage transparent discussion of results and processes, to promote best practices and collaborations, and to develop analysis guidelines and lessons learned.

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AePW-3 Organization Committee

Latest from AePW-3

AePW-3 Organizing Committee:

  • Jennifer Heeg (retired), NASA Langley Research Center
  • Walter Silva, NASA Langley Research Center
  • Daniella Raveh, Technion
  • Carlos Cesnik, University of Michigan
  • Markus Ritter, DLR
  • Adam Jirasek, USAFA
  • Alex Chin, NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center
  • Jeff Ouellette, NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center
  • Eric Blades, ATA Engineering
  • Bret Stanford, NASA Langley Research Center
  • Pawel Chwalowski, NASA Langley Research Center

Next telecon: November 4th, 2021

Working Groups

Within AePW-3, there are four Working Groups

High Angle thumbnail
High Angle Working Group

Lead: Pawel Chwalowski

Hypersonics Working Group

Lead: Eric Blades

This Working Group is being organized

Large Deflection thumbnail
Large Deflection Working Group

Lead: Markus Ritter

Flight System thumbnail
Flight Test Working Group

Lead: Alex Chin & Jeffrey Ouellette