U.S. Spacesuit Knowledge Capture

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The NASA U.S. Spacesuit Knowledge Capture (SKC) Program has existed since the beginning of 2007 and was designed to share historical spacesuit information with engineers and other technical team members to augment their understanding of the spacesuit, its evolution, limitations, and capabilities. Many subject-matter experts have provided lectures, and some were interviewed to help bring the spacesuit to life to ensure lessons learned will never be lost. Also, expert engineers and scientists have shared their challenges and successes to be remembered. The SKC Program topics have included lessons learned from some of the most prominent spacesuit experts and spacesuit users including current and former astronauts. The events have enriched the spacesuit legacy knowledge from the Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, Space Shuttle, and International Space Station programs. As the SKC Program identifies needs and opportunities to broaden its scope, it expands it roles to capture spacesuit-related knowledge. At the onset of 2022, more than 165 events have captured spacesuit history and knowledge, and over 90 events have been released to the public.

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